Elephants and Donkeys

always tend not to pay attention
to what they do not want to believe is real

take author Robert Kagan who stated this very morning
“The world did not object to the Iraq War when we went in,
we look bad to them now, because of how, it was carried out.”
so i guess Mr. Kagan did not pay attention
to the world wide anti-war movements all around the world
BEFORE we invaded Iraq.

take candidate Hillary Clinton who voted for the war,
against the war, must stay until Iraq has security
today traveling to Selma, Alabama to commemorate
the Civil Rights Movement – it this her first trip?
what is special about the 42nd anniversary?
if she went was her last visit to Selma
also an election year?

Take candidate Rudy Giuliani, so did he object
when told it was safe for the disaster workers
and the New Yorkers to breathe the air at ground zero?
Is he for abortion or no? Gay rights or no?

I’ll give you an Ann Colter with her personal sexual issues
oozing up from the bottom of her boyish body to her throat
laughing “fagot” of a candidate she opposes.

Give me a break from the nasty name calling
and do me a favor by answering one question
as this elliptical full moon nears my western horizon:

What’s so special about the 42nd that was not so special
about the 41st?

Never mind, I’ll tell what is so special…
believing that a man or a woman or a black
or a Mexican or an Italian can be elected
as a US president.

EXCISE me! What?
OK, prove me wrong the day we once again
once again are bored as two white male candidates
debate nothing(.)

And don’t try to tell me I hate whites, or especially
white men I am in the dark
of the moon and the light of one blue candle burning
or inside out or round about or otherwise