Political Dollars Destroy US Constitutional Republic

Don’t tell your children they can grow up to be president,
not every child is born with a silver spoon.

Judge Scalito: “Atmosphere, stratosphere. I don’t want to deal with those.”
(In his decision to vote against reducing admissions of carbon dioxide.)

The only way EVERY child can grow up to be president
is when America Wakes Up and decides
advertising politicians is an oxymoron,
most especially incumbent politicians.

“…like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime,”
offered Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, wearing a flack-jacket, in Iraq,
with Humvees, 100 US troops and helicopters overhead.
(where in the world is Indiana?)

Only southerners are left who strip voting rights
from convicted felons who have paid their dues –
like Florida, like Virginia, like Kentucky —
where the highest number of felons
come from poverty and blacks.

The rich have strip-mined our children
from equal opportunity in politics
the only Fair, in politics or love,
is equal, free, air time…
No Mud slingers need apply.

“There are no problems,
there are only missing answers,”
quote Breeze Finder