Good and Evil Aggression?

Well do forgive myself if you could
i pick aggressively at words
these days
alive in the shades of 1984
if you twist i will turn
your very own words back to you
when you change the subject i will bring it back
when you huff and puff i will turn away
and write a story…

my honorable friend, for a cup of coffee,
will debate me with an honorable voice
if our levels climb they climb together
in mutual understanding
we never hit that note
of attack the messenger, both agreeing
stop signaled is stop meant.

my honorable friend has yet to learn
in the parting there is the last word
and the question of what it means to have it
you know…
the last word
well how many goodbyes does it take to go
how many goodbyes before one says hello
how many treasures can a treasure chest hold?
What is the heart hunting for?
Forgiveness? Validation? Vindication?
Wildness? Safety? Acceptance? Companionship? Adventure?

yesterday i say that i am happy to be living alone
this lonely heart is stalking misusers of words
in the beginning was the word
and some people learned the power of the word
and some did not and those that knew the power
used it on the people who did not
and that is why a democracy that truly believes
we the people can Rule ourselves (and we leave open our Rules
in order to alter them as we learn to negotiate our disputes)
and we believe in education for the masses – the Big 3
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic…
“They” have fooled most of the people most of the time
until now the hand writing on the wall is indelible
“In order to form a more perfect union…”
will not be flumboggled with…
What is a good name for a manipulator of words?
The Deceiver, The Great Deceiver, The Almighty Deceiver?