Just Another Jesus

Timothy Souders
dying of thirst, found with bed sores
shackled arms, feet and waist
on his back on his jail cot, in Michigan

every innocent death
is just another Jesus
tortured, ridiculed, martyred

The Great Manipulator Bush
presents the world with “evidence”
weapons made in Iran
are in the hands of Iraqi insurgents.

Will the honest journalist come forth
and present to the world “evidence”
of weapons made in other countries,
especially made in the U. S. of A?

Will the honest State Governor come forth
and refuse to take the payola or political favors
for maintaining the support of arms dealers
If we don’t make ’em they can’t sell ’em!
What is the likelihood any given
US soldier was killed by a weapon, American made?
Ho! Mr. State Governor, Clean Up Your Prisons
before thinking of climbing the political ladder.
Ho! Mr. Would Be next US president
Write Your Own speeches! We want the heart
of YOUR message, not the stylized manipulated version!

Like Mother Mary, Mother of Timothy
watched her tortured son unto his final hour
when he ingloriously collapsed
naked on the flour
with his hands shackled behind him
Unlike the crowd at Calvary, this time
it was the world that watched

Jesus said “What you do unto the least of these
you do unto me.” What don’t the jailers, warhawks,
arms dealers and war presidents get about this?