hair in the brain


hair in the brain
wild in the sack
hunting that which doesn’t exist
did we not learn anything when
snipe hunting?
got a better metaphor yet?
sock it babe
if you please
hair brain ideas are
born out of
it takes boques of swimmers
to consummate
ei and find
a better built metaphor

a brain in every hair
a pot in every pipe
spring time in the valley
her come back to he
this time…

which came first?
the rooster or the brain

oh praise thy Lord and pass the potatoes
(the day after piggy
and look, what, this Black Friday brings)
and in the beginning there was rain

o sol a mia
how long does love pain last?
haha snorkel
it lasts as long as we hold it

let me go, let me go, lover
lover come back to me
sing it again Charlie
do we sing our way
from love to peace?
can we
will we
might we
shall we?

o Weary Walking Wounded
scarred from the weight,
o the we’s who still sing
in their heart brain,
“We shall overcome…”
keep the faith