the Dusk of Now


i check the clock
set out this evening’s meds
the reckoning comes
there will be a last time for this ritual
there followed
a very tiny fear shiver
fear of the unknown takes a lot of taming
to spare the heart attacking
et tu?

rolling a Bugler
coffee in hand i move westward,
it’s Rose coloured dusk,
between here and there
a daughter decorates a Yucca Xmas tree and
a potbellied stove window
allows me to view the warming blaze
life is good…

after the tiny shiver
comes the memory of “of course you have an end”
and how can you regret it
there is the evolution
from our generation to theirs
of human consciousness

after dinner i will play a just a game
with systems to check before
it’s all click click
not the same as listening to Bach preludes and fugues
but the brain?
any organization is good
with plenty off time
to consider strategy

could be
i know you won’t tell me
so now i thus

of course, love,
i’ll be back 🙂