Hawks of War Go Surge Yourself

“Head On” shamelessly gives a headache
with their advertising.

Funeral directors assn. wants Rep.Rangel to regulate coffins
i.e. not to be sold on the internet.

Pine boxes and aspirins, where did they all go to?

When we chose life Leela
wants us to forget “our” story.

When we chose death i.e. Dr. Kevorkian
it’s not good for Medical dollars.

We terrorize 26 million people with shock and awe
to fight a war on terror.

“Judge not least ye be judged”
is only half a sentence and more
it is abusive as in
we all judge all the time…
Who we will play with who we will mate with
who we won’t let in our house to abuse it.
The other half of the sentence is:
“When we judge poorly expect blowback!”

Will all those central Floridians recently destroyed homes
be compensated by FEMA before N’Awlins poor folk?
Of course! Florida has 29 electoral votes while
lowly Louisiana only has 9.

Dear Leela Dear Eli immortality is more than a feeling
it is a doing while incarnate like a Beethoven
or simply courageously standing up to power
or unwavering compassion for the suffering.

How much does it cost to attend a class of enlightenment?
How much does it REALLY cost
to satisfy that Tiger in our tank?