Palestine, Astronauts, Israel, 363 tons of cash

future news:
Jerusalem on Feb. 19, Israeli, Palestinian leaders to meet with Rice

today’s news:
“The (1) U.S., (2) Israel and (3) others believe Iran is trying to build atomic bombs,
despite Iran’s insistence that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.
Israel considers Iran a strategic threat.”

(2) “Israel” considers Iran a strategic threat.
(1) Only 25% of the “US” believe the same lies used for waring in Iraq(n)
(3) “others” remain anonymous

“The Federal Reserve sent over $4 billion in cash to Iraq in 2003 and 2004
Cash weighing 363 tons!”

past news:
secret government, graft, pork, corruption
bits of body parts flung on bystanders
whole families buried by their bomb blasted homes
Swaggarts swagger with pockets full of bloody gold
dissenters jailed or on no-fly lists

Dissenters of Israeli actions in Palestine are called anti-Semitic.
A kind of reverse racism as in “We are the chosen people ergo
we can do no wrong.”

yesterdays tabloid love triangle:
Lisa Nowak Bill Oefelein Colleen Shipman
while otherwise rs throw stones re
Bill O’Reilly et al “Don’t they do psychological screening
for astronauts, aren’t they are brightest and most fit?”

February 19th? Let us fall down on our knees and pray
US Rice, Israeli Olmert, Palestinian Abbas
will understand and work with the reality of
not all Americans, not all Israeli, not all Palestinians
agree with their “elected” leaders
but their majority of citizens are screaming for peace
“Evil must get tired sometime,”
flows Eliseuson’s poetic pen.