Homoo Sapiens

he took us where he knew we never wanted to go
the 911 trick with mushroom clouds
gave us George Tenet’s split tongue
told the left his “hair was on fire” with urgency re Al Qaeda
and on the right “it’s a slam dunk” re intelligence
rights who hate life screamed
“bomb ’em to kingdom come!”
o little bud how come you never opened?
our Cowboy learns a tad little
of going forth without pride but
ok yeah right won somewhat
we all do not need to be told we are there
what is is
show your back packers you do believe
whomsoever the designer
life is intelligent we are it is true
homo sapiens and only a tad
of understanding a foreign language
or as our parents once were wont to say
“look it up in the dictionary”
the downfall of automatic spell checkers is
there is no contact with the definition
Francis de Budah asks
“For whom do you write?”
myself, my family, my extended family, my neighbors
and life
which is love
which would never never be heard saying
“bomb ’em to kingdom come”
most on the right would not either
it is their fringes that are dangerous
as is equally the fringes on the left
follow the money
fringes that live like billionaires are
what got us from there to here
now is a good time to fly a true democracy
we the people do have power over our elected officials
greed’s temptation trickles all the way down from the top
elected officials DO pay attention to polls
denying attention when they do not like the numbers
and citing them when they do
we are more united than they allow us to believe
we homos who became sapiens need not leave behind the flower’s bloom
it is the war tenor in the voice that sounds more like fear unchecked
the ring of panic would displace the tinkling sacramental bell
when called to speak we can speak with civility
there is no other way to have an honest debate
evolution, if intelligent, would choose intelligent leaders
the devil himself/herself is/can be most charismatic