Sax by Cham bliss R. Georgia

here they come
shield to shield
arms at ready
a one body almighty force
moving down the people’s street
the people sit down a massive lake
one gigantic mirror
reflecting the warriors
steeled in iron, eyes masked
but not covered
will they now strike
downward like a wayward god
they don’t like seeing the blood too much
modern enforcers now only inflicting pain
pepper spray, mace, phosphorus
chemicals of mass pain and destruction
the final score:
once seen, the lake of humanity is
deny it mr. warrior the cost is loss of sanity
reality never did exist in technology
cameras and instant text
i.e. American Inventors is a big reality hoax
hoax no joke
this very moment Saxby Chambliss R – Georgia
member Armed Service Committed
“These are not Sunday school teachers”
those of where and when they will attack America
fear double fear ya
how will we ever discern the truth
when perpetual war is your very own personal job security
“I wish the debate would focus on American security”

Recite for us your record of success.
Admit how most Americans do not feel safer,
especially with the quagmire in Iraq.
Admit we are becoming that which Bushites call evil.

Our Lady Liberty is on her knees
more than half of we the people
demand our leaders follow Geneva Convention’s International Laws
never again means never again