How Clever Constantine Stole Easter

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According to – “To save lives, the missionaries
cleverly decided spread their religious message by allowing
converts to continue to celebrate pagan feasts, but to do so
in a Christian manner.”

No. It was Constantine who understood the power
of symbols over illiterate peoples and hijacked them
to create Christian soldiers, marching off to war.

14 centuries later, along came literacy and the
information highway and enlightened evangelicals
aware of the paganness of their holidays, now would sacrifice
the Easter Bunny for political reasons, the same as Jesus
was sacrificed for political reasons.

The stolen, fertile Bunny of innocence,
became the stuffed beloved toy of our children,
and the promise of new life – the Egg,
became a game of hide and seek for the poor —
for the rich – chocolate covered with gold leaves.

Poor clever Constantine was not clever enough
to destroy symbols of Nature, nor the joys of springtime;
when every breeze breathes love, where every heart feels
the spring birds’ song, or the beauty in springflowers
peeking thru…….surprise!