“Impeachment is a Requirement, Not an Option”*

truths that are self evident are truths of a selves majority
against a government solution
if government is of the people so too the solution
when the government’s solution
is not the people’s solution
we have a royalty making the laws
“it’s all the fault of the welfare state”
royalty creates two welfare states
welfare for them
which creates the need
for welfare for the poor
both states, rich and poor’s leaders
are lead into temptation amen
royalty hates to do their own dishes
cook, grow, harvest, sow
drive their own cars
will we the people ever unite again
abortion is only an issue when we are not at war
gay is only a problem when we are not at war
we are at war and it is a cultural war
between the top who’s God is Usury and
the bottom looking for the God of Compassion
lies the middle class
caught in the falsehoods of just what is
“self evident”
when you mix red with blue
you will not get purple until you add white
*like the caller this morning on C-SPAN declares,
“Impeachment is a Requirement, Not an Option.”