John Wayne, the Supreme Chicken Hawk

with the Ballad of the Green Beret
he song and danced us into Vietnam
Who’s left to remember
the oil embargo on Japan preceding Pearl Harbor
or that Cuba did not blow up the Maine
“Do not speak ill about the dead.”
ok, maybe John Wayne gets to watch
“Good Morning, Vietnam!” for an eternity
or choose to reincarnate

“Delta Force and CIA
Marines and SOCOM clear the way
Covert missions now in play
Special OPS like the Green Beret”

maybees John W. and Johnny Cash
are soul mates since 2 ought 3
Hollywood is not all left Bill O’Reilly
(neither is the ACLU)
it’s hard to get the masses to support a war
sing them a catchy tune that echoes in the brain
make ’em happy and proud
to march their sons and daughters
off to the killing fields of war

or were you just a devil
with blue suede shoes?