Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, quotes

Reporting from the front lines:

Clapping Penguins applauding themselves

Prime Minister translated:

“we all agree…..
Defend Values of Humanity
Terrorism has no humanity”
(The Triangle with no oil)
“Iraq now has Free Media”
(made in the USA)

(Elsewhere, hospitalized due to his hunger strike,
former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein demanded
that doctors remove his feeding tube because it was
interfering with his ability to make anti-American outbursts.)

(Elsewhere, Ariel Sharon is taken to the intensive care ward.)

“We need each other;
we will defeat terrorism together and
Iraq will be the graveyard
for terrorism and terrorists.”

In Iraq
bury the hatchet
the BIG HATCHET then
there will be no more bodies.

“Condemn terrorist in all it’s forms.”