Geraldo Rivera and Andrea Yates

is it what happens in the heat of anger supplanted?
Rivera wrongfully counts down from eldest to youngest
the sorrowful deaths of the Yates children
Dr. Rivera declares
if you are methodical you can’t be crazy.
What’s not crazy about a mother killing her children
methodically or in the heat of the moment?
Evidence of “methodical” Geraldo states is the fact
“She waited until her husband left the house.”
How many times, would you guess Prosecutor Geraldo,
Mr. Yates left his house?
What is Reporter Geraldo Rivera’s disgusted tone revealing?
Could it be the truth of Andrea’s own words
as to why she did this dastardly act?
“I was afraid Satan would take control of my children.”
Is it Little Christian nino Geraldo refusing to admit
the reality of the bi-product of the seed of Christianity?

Is bipolar contagious?