IRS Political Audits

Exon-Mobil joined at the hips
with Bush Administration
via Mogul Murdock
spins a lie with results
audit Greenpeace
in spite of foxnews spin
Greenpeace pure as as
Spring or falling snow
what IRS employee will come clean
and tell us who stirred the wires
ending with an audit Willie Nelson
so he’ll stop supporting legalization of marijuana
which he did poor Will…they made him poor
but who better than Bush or ex-Pres Ford
knows/knew to what ends
Power Brokers will go
making a deal with the devil
it is the tail that is in the details
blessed be Whistleblowers
want to sort THEM out?
blowing a whistle does not include
adulterated information…
like false scientists for profit
even as Mother Earth gasps for air.