Winkler, Mary and Matthew

A Preacher, Church of Christ
with a wife who shoots him in the back
Selmer, Tennessee

“Listen, the Mary we knew didn’t do this,”
Anita Whirley said as she planted purple,
yellow and red pansies. “She was a wonder
ful person. We just don’t understand.”

Oh Mary Mary quite contrary to
the congregation’s information;
who knows the truth behind
behind closed doors?

Matthew Winkler, dead and gone,
gone to meet his Maker, a victim yes,
innocent? who knows, the police
that’s who; they are not telling
except to deny infidelity of either
wife or dead husband.

The A. P. quoted an official as saying
an Afghan court had dismissed the case
against Rahman because of a lack of evidence.

He said several family members of Rahman
have testified that he has mental problems.

“I am serene. I have full awareness of what I have chosen.
If I must die, I will die.” Rahman told Rome daily La Repubblica.

“Somebody, a long time ago, did it for all of us,”
he added in a clear reference to Jesus.

Rahman reportedly converted 16 years ago (1990)

Gen. Shahmir Amirpur, who is in charge of Policharki,
said Rahman had been begging his guards to give him a Bible.

Who the Christian who the Jew who the Muslim
more importantly – who started this war?

Not Mary, Not Rahman, Not Matthew – all victims victimized
who suffers most? Always and every war?
…the children period.