It is not “enhanced interrogation technique”, it is TORTURE(.)

David Rivkin says “yes” to water boarding
even after Abu Ghraib
even when our courts throw out confessions
obtained from torture
even when it is against National
and International Law
i note the only time Rivkin stuttered
this morning on C-SPAN
was when a caller asked him
“why don’t you subject yourself to water boarding”
i hope Rivkin doesn’t call himself a Christian
which means, by essence, “following Christ”
cause torture is NOT what Christ would do
who can ask for mercy on their souls
when they gave no mercy?

Why and oh why
when we know torture elicits false information
do “they” use it?
Their can be no other reason than
they want to use this false information
to pretend new “terrorists” threats
for no other reason
than to secure
“their” absolute power.