James Risen, James Risen, thanks and praises

“Dick Chenney White House”

what happened to Dick between Bush I and Bush II?
with II, Dick got to call the shots
why was Tenet’s “hair on fire” for a “slam dunk”?

this is a War between Executive Power and CIA Power
Bush I and Chenney both graduated from the CIA
does the Father control the Son?
Is the Son the prodigal returned or the sacrificed?

James Risen’s State of War
is it truthiness?
How will you know if you refuse to read it?
Or demonize another writer who reports
on a secretive government abusing powers
and crucify another whistle blower?
What in heavens name do we think a whistle blower is?
Who uses a whistle to warn…STOP!!!
Policemen, grade school crossing guards and
any citizen who sees a crime in progress.

No one wants anyone to need an abortion
except maybe those right-to-lifer’s who refuse contraception
education and availability to anyone sexually active
only the inactive sexually would proffer abstinence only
“if you haven’t had it you don’t know what it is”
and “wham bam, thank you ma’am” is not IT.

Ever since the NeoNeo’s invented the color coded fear
when they announced “Orange Alert” they added
“There is an increase in ‘chatter’ and we find this a pattern
just before a ‘terrorist’ attack.”
Real Cowboys know every now and then one of them
who calls himself a ‘cowboy’ will shoot themselves in the foot i.e.
the Orange Alert rationalization, which received international coverage
most likely was where ‘terrorists’ first learned of
electronic surveillance, world wide.
It is we the people that were helped not harmed
to learn first hand, Enchantment Mind Control studies, Sedona, Arizona
if you know what i mean by is and
paranoia is not fear of real facts
we all are being black boxed
in our cars, on our phones, library cards, et al.
You tell me
are we now or will we soon be black boxed in the guts of our TVs?

If James Risen is found in jail we will all be forced to ask that famous question,
“what are we doing out here?”