Lamont and Osama

Caroline B. Glick
of The Jewish World Review writes:

The truth may hurt

(in her first 9 paragraphs she uses the
following “trigger words”)

terror attack / terrorist conspiracy / unspeakable atrocity
path of terror / Using terror / jihad / global jihad
nuclear weapons / jihad picking / leftist radicalism
appeasement / hated / jihad / dangers of jihad
terrorism / terror / terrorism
venomous anti-Semitic attacks
(Ms. Glick – the least you could do is learn the dictionary
definition of “Semite” – Arabs are Semites too!)

(leading up to the real subject):

“…against Lieberman, his family, American Jews and Israel
by Lamont supporters….A deterioration of the position of
American Jews is also liable to ensue….Bush…Blair…Israel…”

(might this have anything to do with the fact Bush does not
represent 60% of Americans…..and who knows by now
Blair’s or Bush’s percent with the day-after-pill of yesterday’s
“foiled terrorist airplane plot’s convenience)

The weakness of all three governments presented Iran with
an unmistakable opportunity to strike.

(The Big Boogie Man! Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
– Afraid Enough To Vomit Your Morals!)

They wished to conquer Israel and take our land for themselves.

(They should learn from Colonizers and just keep pushing them
to the shore and then into the sea.)

If Olmert allows the IDF to fight…enable us to vanquish Hizbullah…

(How’s it goin’?)

…we will be able to change the face of the region
and of the world as a whole.

(add the word “known” to “world” and we have a Caesar quote)

Quite simply, an Israeli victory will help them inspire their nations
to believe that they can win this war as well.

(and if that doesn’t work send marching orders to Osama)

An Israeli victory against the Iranian military’s advance guard

(Praise G_d, Caroline B. Glick prays – “victory” before the new war begins)

Iraq will be critically influenced by how Israel comes out of this war.

(So shut up you peacenics!)

Finally, an Israeli victory will put paid the fiction which claims that Israel
is a strategic liability for to West.

(She uses US manufactured weaponry. Osama bin Laden gave us his
reason “WHY” in his first statement after 9/11 and one part was the US
partisan support for Israel and now America and the whole world can
see the US has never been an “honest broker” in this matter.

If, as Rice, Shimon Peres (and Olmert himself) recommend, Israel holds
its fire and waits for a multinational force to deploy along the border,
Israel will lose its right to self-defense.

(The only thing Israel will loose is it’s right to use a sledge hammer on an ant.)

Olmert will be paving the way for the defeat of pro-Israel forces in US
policymaking circles and politics.

(When those pro-Israeli forces can divert the US from going after the
criminals who inflicted 9/11 on innocent citizens and declare war on Iraq
– the now announced enemy of Israel – this pro-Israeli force needs to be
weakened ((but not defeated, as Glick threatens)))