God, the Whipping Boy

Cindy Sheehan goes to the hospital
from not eating for 24 days now while
15,000 children starved to death
in the last 24 hours
how will
we ever get home?
when will we ever listen
to our own heart when we speak
when will we ever look
at what we refuse to see
before our very own eyes?
we’re lucky this time ladies
and sick folks needing Rx’s
but shades of fingernail clippers
don’t bet on pills or baby bottles next time
ladies…a good time to go back to nature’s way
of feeding babies with our mammary glands
but and/oh excuse me dear reader
sometimes i feel like a motherless child
sometimes like a mother without child
then is a good time to mingle tears
with the ocean of tears still crying
of wars begun on shores
and driven to the heart
of humanity.