midnight in the summer sky

midnight in the summer sky
rain falls when eyes are full
i want to stop them so i write
of candles lost upon my desk
of candles placed upon my chest
and vigil candles lit so long ago
in memory of the dead
bath candle no longer used for bath
i place upon my postered wall
it lights my favorite charity
“doctor’s without borders”
it is the way of midnight owls
a silent howling of the heart
in search of peace
not too cry little zephyr
desk candle was only hidden from you
there behind those little boxes, see it?
light it, the wall candle also
for a wider view
not to worry weary zephyr
doctors without borders know
you’d join them if you could
hauling around your oxygen in a tank
is hard to do
what su do with your donations
is as much the donation
as the moral support
of knowing others care
to give.