notes from a clown to Charles Krauthammer

Reader’s Digest got it half right
“laughter is the best medicine”
the second half is
“after love”
(but i do love your your Mona Lisa smile, Charles,
ok, appreciate…wouldn’t want you to confuse
this letter of love with a love letter.)
this clown be’thinks Chuck is being cheesy
re “the honor of his (the president’s) office”
Look! It’s under the chair!
No! Maybe behind this drape!
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”
Oh Charlie! We are looking, have looked, will look..
the information highway is our yellow brick road
and all the world IS watching and hearing US today
I know how hard it is for super white male right wings
to fall after their pride and/but
after the fall you will find
we’ve always loved you’all
we only hated the gigantic pain you caused
with your malnourished logic.