Tammy Bruce, RadioTalk Show Host, on C-SPAN

we are like a married couple, the left and the right
seeing each others faults while denying our own
you admire Ronald Reagan because he showed us
“We can be all that we can be.”
and i groan at the pain the was caused the Sandinista
by the Iran/Contra Affair and the illegal funding
for which Ronald Reagan should have been impeached.
well here’s thee rub
our Ronald did some good
but he also did great harm
But was it him?
Not who shot John F. Kennedy, but WHY?
How do our politicians get elected,
both the left and the right?
By raising gigantic sums of money
which in turn buy the best speech writers
and broadcast the most ads
as long as foreign policy is left in the hands
that has held/will hold this purchased power.
After all, Tammy Bruce,
it was our American ancestors
who took this land by force
and in the face of our great wealth
it behooves US to feed all the starving of the world
You are correct, that thus far,
socialism hasn’t worked because
their revolutions have always been stolen
but you are wrong to say the cause was socialism
the reason socialism does not work
is the same reason that capitalism does not work
The safeguards our founding fathers put into our Constitution
are not working and will not work as long as
we are divided among ourselves
Calling the kettle black has never won a debate.

Show me a country that has military bases in 140 countries
and I’ll show you a wanna be Empire.

We are in this mess together.
Do you really want a divorce?