One Of The Worst Presidents In History

“one of the worst” in history – H. Clinton

In an interview Mrs. George W. Bush
was asked if comment was
“just politics, fair game or out of bounds.”

“Of course I think it’s out of bounds,”
the first lady said. “But I think it’s politics,
it’s certainly politics.”

Two out of three does not an out make.

But not fair game because?

“So I think there’s a certain empathy
that we might have for each other
that we wouldn’t have maybe for
somebody else who said something
like that.”

One lied about sexual conduct
One lied about conducting war

And somewhere my love Laura
wants “empathy” because?

“We are part of a unique club
that also includes the wives.”

And the name of this unique club?


“The Monied True Controllers
Who Put Our Husband’s In Office
Will Assassinate Them IF They
Try To Change Foreign Policy.” or


NSA et al
will round up and/or jail or kill
all decenters as soon as
hubby declares Marshall Law, or

The bakery truck mother was following read:
“Don’t hit us we’re full of pies”
and the preteen age daughter
in the crowded car of siblings answered:
“Don’t hit us we’re full of kids.”