Cheney, Dick’s Mission Accomplished

“I guess the intriguing thing, Tim, on the whole thing, this question
of whether or not the Iraqis were trying to acquire uranium in Africa. ….
I don’t know what the truth is on the ground with respect to that.
[Meet the Press, 9/14/03]”

Shooting 13 February 2006: “I taut I saw yellow cakes commin’ to git me.”

Posted December 9, 2003: The Humane Society of the United States
deplores the shooting of captive birds and animals where traditional
“fair chase” hunting ethics are discarded and kills are guaranteed.
We are campaigning to outlaw canned hunts through federal and state

Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township: 500 pen-raised pheasants released from nets for the benefit of him and his party. Cheney was credited with shooting more than 70 of the pen-reared fowl.

The 40,000 member organization of rich trophy collectors has doled out close to $600,000 in campaign contributions among GOP candidates in the past six years. President Bush appointed a former top lobbyist of the Safari Club to be the deputy director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.