Paul Greenburg quotes:

“Both Babylon and Rome were great powers in their day,
but somehow they’re no longer with us. Israel is.”

What’s wrong with this sentence? Answer: It is the Empires
that are gone, unless maybe Italy kicked the habit and slid
into the Mediterranean Sea – and, Israel can not say it “is”
until it stops expansion.

“… Jewish presence in Europe?….Why, oh why, did the Jews
let a bunch of Romans drag us up there? Maybe because
the captives had no choice?”

Maybe because they did not resist like the Palestinians
resist occupation?

“Maybe the Israelites should have stuck it out in Egypt with
all its fleshpots.”

Maybe if the Israelites father Abraham had not lied to the
pharaoh of Egypt and tell him Sarah was a single women…

“…the Almighty has a lot to answer for to Mr. Richard Cohen.”

and She has a lot of questions for Paul Greenberg – like…why
did the Israelites blow up the spy ship USS Liberty in 1967?