Cal Thomas quotes:

“The Israel Project…made a former leading imam and
radical Islam expert…..He goes by the name of Sam
Soloman because of death threats from those not happy
with the information he has about their plans to
dominate the world.”

(Therefore be very afraid – take no heed of the 700+
US military bases around the world today in some
140 different countries.)

“Islam means submission. Islam means surrender. It means
you surrender and accept Islamic hegemony over yourselves…”

(Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity,
submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means
submission to the will of God and obedience to His law. Imagine that!
Ol’ straight shootin’ Cal Thomas deliberately left out “PEACE”
from the meaning of Islam.)

From the beginning, Mohammed used the mosque to propagate
this ideology.

(From the beginning, Jewish Rabbis used the Synagogue to propagate
their ideology.)

“…Koranic text…”Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take
them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every
ambush.” (Surah 9:5)….Ibrahim Hooper…..”It can and has been used
against the Bible and has been used against the Quran.”

(and the history of violence between Muslims and Jews is as old as
the Bible and the Quran and as new as Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq)

“The terrorists…because virtually all of their sermons that I’ve read…”

(Try reading:

“….claim their G-d wants them to kill all “infidels.” Soloman says…if
they (Quran texts) remain effective and eternally valid, then in
America we have a serious problem.”

(Cute aka for an Arab man, Soloman almost like King Solomon of the
Jewish Koran.)

“In 1994, I took a map and started putting pins in it. I found
there is not a single state without a mosque. Since then
(the number) has increased.”

(In 2006, take a map and start putting pins in it for every Synagogue
and see if there is a pin in every state.)