Pigs Feet In A Pickle

As long as our electorate is divided between the range of 40-60
the rich Money Changers in the Dem’s and Rep’s parties
will control US foreign policy
with their carrots and sticks will lead party
to vote their way or get the stick
to vote their way and get the carrots
history was over in 1989?
(meaning capitalism is severed from governance)
declared the Capitalists who are Pigs
(Forgive me Babe,
for i know you understand the concept
of one pig being more equal than an other pig).
then along came Tiananmen Square, from 1989
unto today with many Tiananmen Squares
the Bush and the Dick have topped the scale
way over the limit of 60 percent of we the people
awake Americans
but can we get awake enough
to smell the burning coffee, burning oil, burning flesh
we feel the terror of the mothers and wives and children
of miners trapped in Utah nine days and counting
but can we get awake enough
to taste the burning flesh, sandy metal,
coffee bean labored sweat?
American bridges falling down, my fair lady.