Puppies of Peace

breath in peace
blow out war
in out
out goes our inner war
that peace may enter
not unlike birthing a baby
(strongly) huff huff huff
between contractions
those are not labor pains Mother
they are muscles contracting
that cause pain with resistance
all i am saying is
it does not have to be that uncomfortable
hawkers of wars
sitting down at the table
airing grievances
it’s called non violent resolution
it’s called Stop killing the innocents
Hiroshima taught us a lesson
the Gods of War will bomb civilians
our soldiers are our family
(bless US grandmas who tried to enlist)
just like every “sporting” event is played to win
history has taught us
when one side has superior technological weapons
the other side will fight with whatever means available
the UN made human shields illegal
it also created a nonproliferation treaty
which came first
the Wall or Humpty Dumpty?
“When will we ever learn
e ver