Rand Corporation, Ayn What?

Eugene Weber, UCLA and Bill Bosehaer and Angel Rebas

“Ideology allows a person to kill”

This is as true for Islam extremists
as it is for any member of any military.

“There was a political element to Osama’s actions”

The first element being get US military out
of Saudi Arabia and stop supporting
Israel over Palestine. (note: he did not say
US should support Palestine over Israel)
The second element was religions extremists,
with which he used as weapons to accomplish
the first.

Angel Rebasa explains the Sunni Shi’ite split
with each choosing which passages of the Koran
they would follow…

Iman / Jesus take your pick
both have believers of Apocalyptic ends and swords
both have believers of peaceful ends and plowshares

American Democrats and Republicans and Independents win
if “The Surge” works in Iraq – violence stops –
the President of Iraq says – “Go home now,
turn over your permanently built military camps,
and hands off our oil.”

If we really want to dry up funding of insurgents/terrorists,
by any other name the funding is the same,
illegal drugs and crime, then give up
the failed war on drugs and treat “terrorist attack”
for what it is, a crime.