Using the Power of the Purse

100 monkey suits called to order
“You’re either against the Iraq war
or you are not.”
A “closure” vote is binding on each Senator
who will support an illegal war of aggression
and who will not – no twisted words need apply

“Give us one last chance!
2 out of 3? 3 out of 5?”

Washington Post – February 15, 2007

“One Republican lawmaker close to the leadership, who spoke
on the condition of anonymity, said GOP leaders have 50 to 60
Republicans on their watch list, with between 40 and 60 expected
to break with the White House tomorrow.”

It’s called a fuzzy feel good of relief when
only 17 Republican Reps. jump ship.

One Republican argument
“It’s a meaningless resolution, therefore
we strongly oppose it.”

Rep. Craig Thomas, Wyoming on C-SPAN

“not as many Reps jumped ship as ‘some’ thought might,
that ‘many people’ thought would”

“We had to go into Iraq because we had no way
to work with Saddam.”

Translated means: US puppet Saddam
stopped following orders.

A caller to Washington Journal, C-SPAN,
“Why don’t we set up permanent military bases around Iraq
like we did in Germany and Japan, like around their oil fields
and just take what we want.”

Yepper, caller, that’s the whole Point of the Spear –
which feeds US addiction to oil, which allow their leaders
to wage war, which allows war profiterings to get dirty rich,
all of whom turn their backs on the worldwide suffering,
caused by our deadly US Foreign Policy(.)