Shock Jocks and Shock Jills


if you ain’t laughing or turning the dial
you are missing the point of free speech

Jocks and Jills go up that Hill
some swing left
some swing right
mission accomplished when
they get the monkeys chattering
this time it’s about politically correctness

what will Kurt Vonnegut have to say
to Hamlet – to Papa Hemingway
everybody smile now
be candid, the cameras, are rolling
just like a stone that rolls
with the might of the mighty

no one can destroy the meaning
of a flag or a Jesus
it is the meaning not the symbol
the flag was created for
that Jesus came to impart

when little, like sheep,
we get led away
from where we were going before we came

who’s yer daddy
who’s yer baby
when pain comes raining down
who’s the clown who made you frown
who could make you laugh by crying or
pack up your troubles in an old kit bag

Imus stepped up with a mirror
of what our culture is becoming
accidentally or on purpose does it matter?
the subject is free speech
it was the market that was politically threatened
that did not let we the people decide
if Imus would continue to have an audience
which would be true if we truly had free speech

Imus only incited a war of words, not a riot
is Imus a little racist?
are we all a little racist when it comes to folks
of our own kind?
How many hate emails did the Rutger’s team get?
those that would incite, didn’t give us the number
it was — two or three
and they didn’t give us the love emails at all!
it was — hundreds

Imus, the Shock Jock opened the door
that kept hidden the pain
of many ages