The Just Following Orders Military

when will they ever learn never
Poe never Poe never Poe
not in our names the victims told them
ain’t gonna study war no more the 60’s told ’em too
no one ever again will be able to justify wars
dropping bombs on civilians
NOT collateral damage, out! you lethal word spinners, out!
oh no, the bombs are not to dropped to kill people
it is to acquire land, natural resources,
most especially water rights
now they want the seeds rights of corn and beans
slaves now need to buy their drinking water
if they can afford it or if/when available
and when they turn their military on their own citizens
because they could not control dissenters
and when they kill their own countrymen
will we hear once again the pre Nurermberg trials defense
“I was just following orders.”

Was it true, Ohio National Guardsman,
when I told you the National Guard was Kent State
you told me “After Kent State the Guard added to its oath
it was our duty to follow our own consciousness,
in regards to following orders.

When all military personnel take this oath of consciousness
I’ll listen to your “Defensive wars.”

From this day till that, All wars will be Vile…Offensive.