to know this is to know love


every lovely flower ever bloomed
has faded/will fade away and die
every little Dick and Jane
every little Spot and Felix
every little word i write…

but tonight
it is May Day Eve
May poles are set in the garden with care
streaming colors every where
light hearted call
call of the light
it’s two thousand eleven
of course the boys may join in

every thing has a question
many questions have no answer
(or we have not found it yet)

we were the seed we were the seed
that grew the plants
that blossomed the flowers
some will be special to little children
some will make old folks swoon
young ladies will find them fine fine fine
to give flowers to young men

and i will give in to my sleep head
with the dream i once again
will find a flower to dance around
the May Pole in the morning
hoping i’ll see you there.