World Laughter Day


World Laughter Day

true saints are true sinners
before they become saintly
confusing that ha ha

my own Saint John Paul
dead at a younger age than Jesus Christ
around age five was heard to say
in response to a gang of bullies
“Are you a boy or a girl?”
big little John replied,
“What does it matter?”
of course there was no offers of answers
but they heard it
yeah i think it was in the real year of 1984
a wave heard across the world
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

the art of laughter never comes easy
“keep ’em laughing they won’t fight”
messages the raven
on this the first
World’s Laugh Day

the first of May now belongs to
our World’s Comedy Saints:
Charlie Chaplin in my parents generation
Jerry Lewis in my generation
for the baby boomers generation
they will name their own
as will the year two-thousand and eleven

blessings to all the demi-saints.