What Bulging Eyes, Michael Tanner

is it the suit/tie of the CATO Inst that binds
or your faulty logic that suffers the brain
report is faulty in it’s reporting
America is 37th in longevity
and 54th in fairness.
Telling C-SPAN viewers
Life expectancy is no measure of health
The reason our health care is so expensive
is because we want the best
Ya sure Tanner Tanner
We love having doctors who’s God is Money
ain’t got no time for home visits
ain’t got time for bedside manners
well ok no, it is not all doctors
it is more the man in the middle
insurance companies, pharmacologies
moreso HBOs taking a chunk of the pie
for doing the paper shuffle
Yeah, Sicko Sicko
(thank you Michael Moore)
O Michael, archangel,
there you are with but two of your namesakes
does the one on fire have time
to melt the one on ice
before we all do the right thing?
The God of Pain suffers equally
good and evil
but it is only the meek
who truly own this
our Mother