who shall i say is calling?

i touch my finger to your pictured face
wanting so to come home to you
i’m not afraid to stay here
but i grow weary and it grows hard
and harder still
it is
yes again
Thanksgiving Eve
the day before
turkey gobbling
strutting parades
and children starving by hundreds of thousands
today’s news:
* U.S. submits missile defense plans
* Tropical storms loom in south Asia
yesterday’s news:
In Myanmar they are torturing Buddhist Monks!!!
but you came
you left
too soon for us
yes we know how you suffered for humanity
and why 23 years was more than enough
2 and 3 the number of life
my dear persecuted
by peers and not so peer
the scorn scorning adults
simply because you were a happy handicapped daredevil
jeaously can be so very deadly
but you kept smiling
oh, such a one, at peace with yourself
those last many days
your own mother could not stop that ocean
of pain and why why whys
on this paradise called Earth
we still have not learned to get along
again i remember
the staying because your mother stays
your mother staying for friends, relatives, and me
you, who so knew
the power of love
spirit, alive and strong
reminding me
reminding us
flowers bloom and flowers die
but the essence lives
in our hearts
whenever they are open
oh my yes
i will be thanks giving in the morning
good night my departed friend
good night to your mother too
peace you gave when you touched our lives
ours if we but pause
there now i pause
and coulda/shoulds/woulda pressed delete
save for the zillions of suffering mothers
fathers too
instead, if my brain functions long enough
to send my message out in space
with a chance to heal
“It feels right, do it!”
will i make it?
hang the nest!