Bombing Our Way To Pieces

he said let them be very afraid
see them scurry for security
once upon a time the hordes believed
Republicans can do it better
the hordes have become the minority again
time to beef up fear

kamikaze pilots without wings
rebels with a cause
60 years form boil to burst
was it 9/11 knowingly calling 911
or was it the 60th anniversary
of the dedication of the Pentagon
on September 11, 1941?
both you say!

i can call you anti-gay
and i can call you anti-abortion
but i must be very afraid
to call you anti-Semite
and hello Heaven here comes my head
should i call Jews anti-Arab

we all would be healthier
and more of us alive if we allow
Semite means both Arab and Jew
and is this all a diabolical plot
to destroy both?

or we could say “Don’t blame me,
God made me do it”
guess what we the people
will not be fooled for another 60 years
this election we will not be voting Dem or Rep
we will do as we were taught
in grade school with our weekly readers…
more in high school civics about voting
i.e. not for a Donkey or an Elephant

oh Sparky,
if only it were thusly