Max Boot quotes from the “Jewish World Review” today:

“Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “must go.”…along with
calls to convene a commission of inquiry to investigate
why Israel did not have more success in stopping the
rain of terrorist rockets.”

(Do the math. Hezabollah rained down 4,000 rockets
and killed fewer people than Israel’s ‘surgical strikes’.
If one side kills 100 people and the other side kills 1,000
people who is the biggest terrorist of all?)

“…a catalog of defects that analysts attribute to…Olmert…
Tzipi Livni…Peretz…are national security neophytes.”

(Not to mention the IDF not knowing about Katyusha rockets
or getting intelligence wrong regarding Iraq. And the US
touting Israeli Intelligence as the best in the world.)

“The air force….In their attempts to knock out Katyushas
fired from residential areas, the fliers wound up inflicting
substantial civilian casualties that, as Hezbollah intended,
hurt Israel in the court of international opinion.”

(What hurt Israel in the court of international opinion was
the number of mistakes the surgical strikes made and using
a sledge hammer to kill a mosquito. What saves face for Israel
in the court of international opinion was not using their
atomic weapons, nor threatening to do so.

“The offensive finally began just two days before irresistible
international pressure imposed a cease-fire, leaving Hezbollah
bloodied but unbowed.”

(And who would Max Boot have them bow to?)

“Hezbollah’s obvious toughness is being contrasted with Israel’s
supposed softness.”

(NO. We are all holding our breath that Israel will meet with the
leader of Hezabollah and the leader of Hamas with an honest
broker (not current American leaders – be they Dem or Rep).

“Hezbollah did not, however, break Israel’s will to resist.”

(Israel did not, however, break Israel’s will to occupy.)

“But few think that either the U.N. force or the ineffectual
Lebanese army would be willing and able to disarm Hezbollah
or to prevent its resupply by Syria and Iran.”

(But few think that this cease fire will prevent America
from resupplying Israel.)

“…to invade “Hezbollah land.” The soldiers were willing to close
with and kill the enemy.”

(And you call them terrorists and link them to American terrorists
and 9/11, Israel will be sanctified…without innocent blood on their
hands so to say.)

“…Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat, who blamed the
prevalence of autocracy and theocracy in the Middle East on –
who else? the West.”

(And why would we think just because Bush held hands with
the king of Saudi that he would also have his hand in a pocket?)

“Israelis, by contrast, look within for the source of their
misfortune. That allows them to correct what went wrong
and get stronger in the future.”

(Does this mean Israel will now negotiate in good faith – build
no more illegal settlements and create a cease fire in Gaza –
not to mention the quarantine?)

“This process is now underway, and Israel’s enemies would
be well advised not to underestimate that nation’s fighting

(No danger of that as long as Israel retains nuclear weapons.)

(Indeed, max boot…imagine that…Hezabollah can also cease firing.)

Time for a real reality.