!March 8th, 2007 Start Withdrawing US Troops From Iraq

Does the sunshine bright on your ol’ Kentucky home
Mitch McConnell is no Davey Crockett
he, your Mitch, your Minority whip
will block our Senate
from bringing our boys home.

O Paducha little Jimmy dickens
O Kentucky blue grass
Who the horse and who the whip
and who the McConnell that runs your state?

I only know how history corrects itself
like the Golf of Tonkin, when confronted,
“I…thought they were shooting at us!”
so will your history O Kentucky
correct Mitch’s mistake?

No I guess not he’s a rich good ol’ boy
what can rural country folk do?
Today’s news:
Iraq buys $5.8 Million Mansion in Washington for Diplomats
that’s what politicians can do for themselves
be they Iraqi or American we get
political pockets lined with pork.

More today’s news from Senator McConnell:
“morass presidential election” – translated:
a soft low-lying area of land that sinks underfoot
The land is America. Who the foot
and who the Fool that keeps her there?

Oops I got the date wrong…
the proposal will be for March 8th, 2008
to Start removing our troops from Iraq
well no, it may be a mistaken date,
but who will count the bodies
of our children and their children
that fastly bleed to death
every day after March the 8th, 2007
till our troops, safely, come home
to their little brown house in Kentucky
or their adobe where
the deer and the antelope play.