Presidential Candidate or When Less Experience is Better

Missed your national and/or local peace rally yesterday-
out celebrating Mozart’s birthday perhaps? Not to worry
they shall return in force and full March 17th. And you
will be doing the Irish Jig instead of mourning the beginning
of the 4th year of occupation in Iraq?
The Irish, they say, are scrappers not killers
and you didn’t know which birthday Mozart was celebrating?
You say 250th I say 251st, “But who is counting,”
Amadeus avers.

C-SPAN queries listeners:
“Anyone but a Clinton or a Bush?”
Who knew foxes howl?
Where is the Christian Crusade taking place today?
Well right here in the good ol’ U S of A!
Guess what and imagine that?!
This time the Crusade
is Christian Right against the Christian Left.

Identification Tool:
Who hawks war and who doves peace?
Who are they, who became like children,
therefore may enter the kingdom of heaven?
(little children scrap, big bullies go for the throat
with deadly gore)
Who wants to stymie you with “End Times”
and who wants everybody to go to heaven?
Who followers their leaders lock-step
and who asks questions?
Hitler knew how to brainwash the masses:
Preaching, Symbols plus Rituals.
The Christian right demonizes opponents
while the Christian left loves opponents
and saves their hate for inhuman actions(.)