Religious Bigot? Bill O’Reilly Newt Gingrich?

who exactly is not tolerant of whom?

is there anyone out here in the real world
who want to pass a law prohibiting Christianity? NO

is there anyone out there in Christianity
who want to pass a low prohibiting abortion
because THEY are against it? YES

who wants an insane man executed
and angry because it has not yet happened
then boldly claims she has forgiven him?

who gave Ronald Kessler his talking point
“We’re being suicidal in not believing Bush
about nuclear weapons in Iran because he lied
to us about WMD’s in Iraq.” ?

C’mon Bill
IAEA lied?

“Piety takes all the air out of thought.”
– Norman Mailer

O Do You Remember

when everything was good
and everything was clean
was it the luck-of-drawn
quartering nothing
4.5 billion years ago
we were all one
each one an energy of four
a one all mighty to behold
a four almighty to be bold
learning all those edgy things
thus gave us room to soar
with only partial information
of how to fly we flew
speed warping wide expanding
universe colidings
step on my blue suede shoes if you miss
but spare these talking toes
foot in mouth howling moon
too close becomes a scream
to far becomes an empty howl
head banging warning
“Here comes another explosion!”
my dear other
you speak i chime
in all the wonders of the word
when everything was clean
and everything was good

Bush’s World War III

Simple Math:

In World War I – 10 million deaths
In World War II – 62 million deaths
roughly extracting times 6 equals
World War III – 372 million deaths

Advanced Math:

65,000 nuclear warheads in 1985
(some partially dismantled but still exist)
nuclear power located in nine different countries
Russia, United States, UK, France, China
India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel

Promethean Math:

Fire burns. Fire warms.


As the World Turns, O America

in the days of our years there was folly
adventure and unconsciousness
between the blessings and the curses
date rape toys and devil music
wars are psychological now
death thru derth and sundry.
the faith is in the dream
the dream is in the making
our bloodless civil war
on the superhighway
of information.
the whole world is watching
this unique time in human history
with two sides to every story
from bottom up there is glory
from top down there is gory
from inside out they are starving
from outside in they are feasting.
it is a tired
but true story
empires coming and going
religions coming and going
civil wars and not so civil wars.
there is hope, eh, Michael?
there Is hope, Huey.
AT&T is cursed today
for collecting ALL of our communications
will AT&T be blessed tomorrow?
given all this information
there can be no doubt
75% of Americans are conscious now
America’s dirty laundry is on the line
as is personal dirt and international dirt
the world, still, is turning
will America realize her dream
or become one more Empire

Lou Dobbs White Catholic Boy Fears

when a caller to Larry King Live asks
why Lou only reads favorable emails on his show
Larry asks Lou if he gets many unfavorable emails
which became the only moment in Lou’s diatribe
against illegal immigration
he had to pause then mutter,
“We get very few unfavorable emails.”
Even Bill O’Reilly with his also Catholic mentality
has a security to read a few of his unfavorables.
in that short moment of pause
what was Mr. Dobbs thinking?
No one’s counting?
His hired help who processes them would not betray him?
Here’s the rub:
Are viewers of any controversy more likely to write
favorable or unfavorable, unless it’s Keith Olberman,
who follows in Edward R. Murrow’s footsteps,
the neen becomes overwhelming,
in our spin-a-day news media,
to send Keith a kudus, a bravo?
There’s a chink in your amore Mr. Lou
and it points to the same fear O’Reilly has aired:
“They” are trying to undermine the seats of power
we white boys have acquired.
Here’s the death of “we”:
American Foreign Policy.

It is not “enhanced interrogation technique”, it is TORTURE(.)

David Rivkin says “yes” to water boarding
even after Abu Ghraib
even when our courts throw out confessions
obtained from torture
even when it is against National
and International Law
i note the only time Rivkin stuttered
this morning on C-SPAN
was when a caller asked him
“why don’t you subject yourself to water boarding”
i hope Rivkin doesn’t call himself a Christian
which means, by essence, “following Christ”
cause torture is NOT what Christ would do
who can ask for mercy on their souls
when they gave no mercy?

Why and oh why
when we know torture elicits false information
do “they” use it?
Their can be no other reason than
they want to use this false information
to pretend new “terrorists” threats
for no other reason
than to secure
“their” absolute power.

Land over Sea

of course he’s in the foxhole
we’re tired of losing chickens
and granny’s gown thread bare
the Senate would make water boarding illegal
while accepting the militarist’s manual
of interrogating techniques
all our undies hangin’ in a row
torture bares little if any
useful truths
there is an alternative intent
and get the news releases fox in hen house wants
to support THEIR LIES of planned terrorist attacks
or a falsely confessed terrorist
sly foxes
all a’flitter with trickery
salivating the ultimate
but land over sea is
is the warning
“go, do as you will,
but harm no one”

Catholic Church Busted!!!

490 years ago today!
selling tickets into Heaven
i’ve bought a few myself
“plenary indulgences”
back in my no-hay Catholic days
despite the fact that one
plenary indulgence
was Heaven insurance for a lifetime
many and me and more
bought insurance for our insurance
thank you Martin Luther
for this outing of money changers in the temple
and thank you for making “the” Bible accessible
to we the people and i, for one
understand how hard it is
to unloose the claws that bind us
there was valid compassion
in front of all the thievery
something like the Rabbi on CNN’s “God’s Warrior’s”, who said,
when Christine Amanpour asked him,
‘Weren’t you being dishonest when you told the people
you were building a military base when in reality
you were building a new settlement, which was illegal?”
“I wouldn’t call it a lie,” he responded,
we just found a way around it.”

Jewish Rabbi Busted too!!!