Max Boot quotes from the “Jewish World Review” today:

“Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “must go.”…along with
calls to convene a commission of inquiry to investigate
why Israel did not have more success in stopping the
rain of terrorist rockets.”

(Do the math. Hezabollah rained down 4,000 rockets
and killed fewer people than Israel’s ‘surgical strikes’.
If one side kills 100 people and the other side kills 1,000
people who is the biggest terrorist of all?)

“…a catalog of defects that analysts attribute to…Olmert…
Tzipi Livni…Peretz…are national security neophytes.”

(Not to mention the IDF not knowing about Katyusha rockets
or getting intelligence wrong regarding Iraq. And the US
touting Israeli Intelligence as the best in the world.)

“The air force….In their attempts to knock out Katyushas
fired from residential areas, the fliers wound up inflicting
substantial civilian casualties that, as Hezbollah intended,
hurt Israel in the court of international opinion.”

(What hurt Israel in the court of international opinion was
the number of mistakes the surgical strikes made and using
a sledge hammer to kill a mosquito. What saves face for Israel
in the court of international opinion was not using their
atomic weapons, nor threatening to do so.

“The offensive finally began just two days before irresistible
international pressure imposed a cease-fire, leaving Hezbollah
bloodied but unbowed.”

(And who would Max Boot have them bow to?)

“Hezbollah’s obvious toughness is being contrasted with Israel’s
supposed softness.”

(NO. We are all holding our breath that Israel will meet with the
leader of Hezabollah and the leader of Hamas with an honest
broker (not current American leaders – be they Dem or Rep).

“Hezbollah did not, however, break Israel’s will to resist.”

(Israel did not, however, break Israel’s will to occupy.)

“But few think that either the U.N. force or the ineffectual
Lebanese army would be willing and able to disarm Hezbollah
or to prevent its resupply by Syria and Iran.”

(But few think that this cease fire will prevent America
from resupplying Israel.)

“…to invade “Hezbollah land.” The soldiers were willing to close
with and kill the enemy.”

(And you call them terrorists and link them to American terrorists
and 9/11, Israel will be sanctified…without innocent blood on their
hands so to say.)

“…Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat, who blamed the
prevalence of autocracy and theocracy in the Middle East on –
who else? the West.”

(And why would we think just because Bush held hands with
the king of Saudi that he would also have his hand in a pocket?)

“Israelis, by contrast, look within for the source of their
misfortune. That allows them to correct what went wrong
and get stronger in the future.”

(Does this mean Israel will now negotiate in good faith – build
no more illegal settlements and create a cease fire in Gaza –
not to mention the quarantine?)

“This process is now underway, and Israel’s enemies would
be well advised not to underestimate that nation’s fighting

(No danger of that as long as Israel retains nuclear weapons.)

(Indeed, max boot…imagine that…Hezabollah can also cease firing.)

Time for a real reality.

Bombing Our Way To Pieces

he said let them be very afraid
see them scurry for security
once upon a time the hordes believed
Republicans can do it better
the hordes have become the minority again
time to beef up fear

kamikaze pilots without wings
rebels with a cause
60 years form boil to burst
was it 9/11 knowingly calling 911
or was it the 60th anniversary
of the dedication of the Pentagon
on September 11, 1941?
both you say!

i can call you anti-gay
and i can call you anti-abortion
but i must be very afraid
to call you anti-Semite
and hello Heaven here comes my head
should i call Jews anti-Arab

we all would be healthier
and more of us alive if we allow
Semite means both Arab and Jew
and is this all a diabolical plot
to destroy both?

or we could say “Don’t blame me,
God made me do it”
guess what we the people
will not be fooled for another 60 years
this election we will not be voting Dem or Rep
we will do as we were taught
in grade school with our weekly readers…
more in high school civics about voting
i.e. not for a Donkey or an Elephant

oh Sparky,
if only it were thusly


God, the Whipping Boy

Cindy Sheehan goes to the hospital
from not eating for 24 days now while
15,000 children starved to death
in the last 24 hours
how will
we ever get home?
when will we ever listen
to our own heart when we speak
when will we ever look
at what we refuse to see
before our very own eyes?
we’re lucky this time ladies
and sick folks needing Rx’s
but shades of fingernail clippers
don’t bet on pills or baby bottles next time
ladies…a good time to go back to nature’s way
of feeding babies with our mammary glands
but and/oh excuse me dear reader
sometimes i feel like a motherless child
sometimes like a mother without child
then is a good time to mingle tears
with the ocean of tears still crying
of wars begun on shores
and driven to the heart
of humanity.

Lamont and Osama

Caroline B. Glick
of The Jewish World Review writes:

The truth may hurt

(in her first 9 paragraphs she uses the
following “trigger words”)

terror attack / terrorist conspiracy / unspeakable atrocity
path of terror / Using terror / jihad / global jihad
nuclear weapons / jihad picking / leftist radicalism
appeasement / hated / jihad / dangers of jihad
terrorism / terror / terrorism
venomous anti-Semitic attacks
(Ms. Glick – the least you could do is learn the dictionary
definition of “Semite” – Arabs are Semites too!)

(leading up to the real subject):

“…against Lieberman, his family, American Jews and Israel
by Lamont supporters….A deterioration of the position of
American Jews is also liable to ensue….Bush…Blair…Israel…”

(might this have anything to do with the fact Bush does not
represent 60% of Americans…..and who knows by now
Blair’s or Bush’s percent with the day-after-pill of yesterday’s
“foiled terrorist airplane plot’s convenience)

The weakness of all three governments presented Iran with
an unmistakable opportunity to strike.

(The Big Boogie Man! Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
– Afraid Enough To Vomit Your Morals!)

They wished to conquer Israel and take our land for themselves.

(They should learn from Colonizers and just keep pushing them
to the shore and then into the sea.)

If Olmert allows the IDF to fight…enable us to vanquish Hizbullah…

(How’s it goin’?)

…we will be able to change the face of the region
and of the world as a whole.

(add the word “known” to “world” and we have a Caesar quote)

Quite simply, an Israeli victory will help them inspire their nations
to believe that they can win this war as well.

(and if that doesn’t work send marching orders to Osama)

An Israeli victory against the Iranian military’s advance guard

(Praise G_d, Caroline B. Glick prays – “victory” before the new war begins)

Iraq will be critically influenced by how Israel comes out of this war.

(So shut up you peacenics!)

Finally, an Israeli victory will put paid the fiction which claims that Israel
is a strategic liability for to West.

(She uses US manufactured weaponry. Osama bin Laden gave us his
reason “WHY” in his first statement after 9/11 and one part was the US
partisan support for Israel and now America and the whole world can
see the US has never been an “honest broker” in this matter.

If, as Rice, Shimon Peres (and Olmert himself) recommend, Israel holds
its fire and waits for a multinational force to deploy along the border,
Israel will lose its right to self-defense.

(The only thing Israel will loose is it’s right to use a sledge hammer on an ant.)

Olmert will be paving the way for the defeat of pro-Israel forces in US
policymaking circles and politics.

(When those pro-Israeli forces can divert the US from going after the
criminals who inflicted 9/11 on innocent citizens and declare war on Iraq
– the now announced enemy of Israel – this pro-Israeli force needs to be
weakened ((but not defeated, as Glick threatens)))

World War of the Known World: take #10,000

stop with the war drum beat background
for news reports et al analysis
give us some lowdown New Orleans blues
and visuals of the Real heroes
Israeli families sharing their homes
with the Northern Israelis displaced
Southern Lebanon families sharing their homes
with their displaced, wounded and hungry
more pictures of the heroic acts
of humanitarian aid workers
if Connecticut Republicans vote for Lamont
will that not prove one conspiracy theory:
right here in the US of A
politics consists of one huge body with two heads;
it matters not which “head” wins any election
the body is so huge and filthy rich
it’s body tied by the neck it depends
on exactly when
the US of A elected “head” learns
he is only a titular and…refusenicks…
the question never asked re JFK
was the WHY?

(It was the foreign policy stupid,
JFK planned to change it.)

In Israel torture is legal?

the tortured truth
of saying whatever is wanted to be heard
it serves PR purpose to create a confession
connecting Iran and Syria to Hezabollah
the “war on terrorism” misses the boat
of terrorism from the sky

eleven 20 yr old Egyptian men gone missing
are they captured hostages of terrorists
all the King’s men or disinfected slaves?

who the torturer making the mistake
of bruising lips of the tortured captured
Hezabollah who reportedly
captured two Israeli soldiers

where are the two soldiers?
where is the PR confession
the video of the soldiers denouncing
Israel? doesn’t exist? why?

oh you say they were kidnapped not captured
only the righteous “capture”
while the hooligans do the dastardly deed
of “kidnap”
the righteous can capture thousands
and not be damned
the hooligans kidnap two
and are bombed to kingdom come…
…or because of it – one thing’s for sure
all empires rise and fall
America, the Unintended Empire,
“sliding down this slippery slope”
full throttle in denial.
admission of culpability
is more than small hearts will allow
How many small hearts can a pin head hold?
Answer: All of them, i’m saying
Small, as in microscopic!
any heart
still beating
still has capability
to grow.

Who Are the Hezabollah?

who else do we think?
Palestinian refugees
displaced in Lebanon
it is all about borders
water and justice
What has Israel given up
in giving up Gaza when all
of Gaza’s borders are still
controlled by Israel?
Anderson 360 reports
Israeli soldiers want to live
Hezabollahs want to die.
Wrong. Hezabollah fighters
do not want to die but death
is better than occupation.
Anderson observes
the greatest obstacle
to ending this bloody conflict
is neither party trusts the other.
Wrong. No problem here.
They both accept – No trust
it only means if either side
breaks the agreement
either may return to the carnage
we are watching today.

Call it a Lease on Life.

“Slaughter of immense proportions” – Chuck Hagel

do unto others
did we expect less
than they would do unto us?
are your “followers” now?
Washington Journal’s caller:
“Just Nuke Lebanon”
on this 61st anniversary day
of the first atomic slaughter
Never mind, Jesus,
the followers are all weeping
the pseudo-Christians are all
frenzied in their anger could
it be their exposed guilt
in deadly denial?
any G – – worth salt would demand
His “chosen people” the ’67 borders
and hold a lightning bolt over Lebanon
to be released with the next rocket fired.
o Israel your leaders have blood
on their hands…they too lie.

“Start the process to unwind this…
it will take a lot of different

Paper Tigers Playing Dominoes

Southeast Asia now Middle East
insanity expecting different results
Iraq another name for Vietnam

hello mother hello father
how are thing in Americana
where all the pies are made
with rotten apples?

Kansas Texas teach their children
intelligent designing God while
Miami exiled Catholic Cubans
cheer the dying of a live man

what’s the difference between
an indigenous fisherman and
an English fisherman?
the indigenous fisherman
gives away his excess while
the English fisherman
invents the refrigerator.