“Vulture Fund” Company Wins $20 Million Payment from Zambia on $4 Million Debt

or, just another reason most of the world
hates American Foreign Policy

but “Vulture Fund” is yesterday’s news story
neglected by America’s Corporate Media
but reported to the world on BBC
by an honorable word warrior, Greg Palast.

want the whole enchilada?


President Bush, with a stroke of the pen could stop Vulture Funds.
If you google for Bush’s email addy to write him a letter
of course one expects to get a return form letter
but what does one expect when the form letter says:

“On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing bla bla bla….

“Due to the large volume of e-mail received bla bla bla….
In the future please send your comments to
[email protected]

Which is EXACTLY where my email was sent
but do not be discourage if I’ve encourage you to do something…
Even if they say they didn’t read it/know it,
they READ it, they KNOW it
and if they SEE it often enough at some “critical mass”
it will prick their reality.

Won’t you reader, write a letter?

Surge Protection From 3 House Representatives

New Mexico Rep. Steve Pierce, oh Rep of mine…

Show me a picture of a Vietnam Soldier that was spit on.
Then let me lead you away from the Barbary Coast in 1786…
Your delusional leader Bush tells us for “stay the course”
thru these last four years of war and now Mr. Pierce
would dis the Dems for what he now calls “staying the course”
but and yes thank you Mr. Pierce
for calling on the Dems
to stand up for what they believe, saying
“Follow your conviction, top the war,
you have the power and can do it now.”

We understand dear Pierce
why you wanted the Dems to be distracted
with a fight over the appointment of General Petrias
Didn’t happen, and how does Mr. Talking Point Hoekstra
spin that? “The Dems are talking out of both sides of their mouth,
voting for General Petrais, who supports the surge while
passing a resolution against the surge.”
Sorry Sorry Pierce – we the people against this war
will not let our elected representatives be deterred.

The warhawk Reps, like Session, are howling
“House Resolution 63 will embolden the terrorists.”
How much bolder can a terrorists get
then making a bomb out of their own bodies?

But it is Pierce that is afire with fear (counting on fear as a contagion)
“This is a world wide war on radical Islam.”

First it was a war for WMD’s
Then a war to topple Saddam
Then bring democracy to the middle-east
Now is is a war on radical Islam

What the hell are we fighting for?

Rep. Heather Wilson, also of New Mexico states
“It is not vital to American interest to stop all violence in Iraq.”

Does that give us the answer of why we went to Iraq?
If we did not go to Iraq to stay why did we only send enough troops
to maintain a permanent presence and
build permanent military bases there?

Rep. Adam Putnam, FL, abuses Robert Frost

Rep. Putnam full of zeal for the Iraq war
takes only the icing of a Frost poem
“The best way out is always through”
in the House debating Bush’s “surge”
and leaves the cake in the oven…
The fullness of this quote is:
“He says the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through–”
Least ways for me–and then they’ll be convinced”

sorry sorry Adam Putnam, in so far as HE can not see
the “always through” does not translate
to stay the course, it means
when a person or a nation
is found to be in a quagmire
the way out is first admitting
to one’s contribution to it, then
boot by military boot – extraction!

Republicans Want To Debate Funding of the War

least we forget, they asked for it first
4 years when they could have they didn’t
warhawks do not want a vote of censure because
to censure a War President destroys the argument of
“Anti-War people don’t support our troops.”
in fact what it proves the opposite…
when troops are sacrificed for an un necessary war
the only way to truly support our troops
is to bring them home now.

Bush logic:
“If we fail in Iraq the terrorists will come here and kill us.”
They came here and killed us before we went to Iraq.

Censure Bush AND Cheney first,
funding next.

Good and Evil Aggression?

Well do forgive myself if you could
i pick aggressively at words
these days
alive in the shades of 1984
if you twist i will turn
your very own words back to you
when you change the subject i will bring it back
when you huff and puff i will turn away
and write a story…

my honorable friend, for a cup of coffee,
will debate me with an honorable voice
if our levels climb they climb together
in mutual understanding
we never hit that note
of attack the messenger, both agreeing
stop signaled is stop meant.

my honorable friend has yet to learn
in the parting there is the last word
and the question of what it means to have it
you know…
the last word
well how many goodbyes does it take to go
how many goodbyes before one says hello
how many treasures can a treasure chest hold?
What is the heart hunting for?
Forgiveness? Validation? Vindication?
Wildness? Safety? Acceptance? Companionship? Adventure?

yesterday i say that i am happy to be living alone
this lonely heart is stalking misusers of words
in the beginning was the word
and some people learned the power of the word
and some did not and those that knew the power
used it on the people who did not
and that is why a democracy that truly believes
we the people can Rule ourselves (and we leave open our Rules
in order to alter them as we learn to negotiate our disputes)
and we believe in education for the masses – the Big 3
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic…
“They” have fooled most of the people most of the time
until now the hand writing on the wall is indelible
“In order to form a more perfect union…”
will not be flumboggled with…
What is a good name for a manipulator of words?
The Deceiver, The Great Deceiver, The Almighty Deceiver?

Just Another Jesus

Timothy Souders
dying of thirst, found with bed sores
shackled arms, feet and waist
on his back on his jail cot, in Michigan

every innocent death
is just another Jesus
tortured, ridiculed, martyred

The Great Manipulator Bush
presents the world with “evidence”
weapons made in Iran
are in the hands of Iraqi insurgents.

Will the honest journalist come forth
and present to the world “evidence”
of weapons made in other countries,
especially made in the U. S. of A?

Will the honest State Governor come forth
and refuse to take the payola or political favors
for maintaining the support of arms dealers
If we don’t make ’em they can’t sell ’em!
What is the likelihood any given
US soldier was killed by a weapon, American made?
Ho! Mr. State Governor, Clean Up Your Prisons
before thinking of climbing the political ladder.
Ho! Mr. Would Be next US president
Write Your Own speeches! We want the heart
of YOUR message, not the stylized manipulated version!

Like Mother Mary, Mother of Timothy
watched her tortured son unto his final hour
when he ingloriously collapsed
naked on the flour
with his hands shackled behind him
Unlike the crowd at Calvary, this time
it was the world that watched

Jesus said “What you do unto the least of these
you do unto me.” What don’t the jailers, warhawks,
arms dealers and war presidents get about this?

Can You Die From Stupid?

“A ‘very damning’ report by the Defense Department’s inspector general
depicts a Pentagon that purposely manipulated intelligence in an effort
to link Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda in the runup to the U.S. invasion of
Iraq, says the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

“Just last week, Gates said that U.S. military officers in Baghdad were planning
to brief reporters on what is known about Iranian involvement in Iraq but that he
and other senior administration officials had intervened to delay the briefing
in order to assure that the information provided was accurate (manipulated?).”

Overheard at a coffee shop:
“I just saw on the news crawl that Anna Nicole Smith died.”
“Oh, what of?”
“They didn’t say.”
“Can you die of from being really stupid?”
“If that was true I would not be having this conversation.”

oh Anna Nicole Smith shades of Marilyn Monroe
(note is was okay for Jackie to marry Ari)
believing in the fairy tales then slammed
with the reality of money and corruption
Stuck on mammary galnds? Here!
Go choke yourselves! It is the devil in the details
of what happens to infant innocent brains
in the hands of master manupliators…

Tell me Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman et al newsies
who ultimately controls the Pentagon
and who controls the office of the president
(not who our laws, say do)
when Iran/Contra is swept under America’s rug
when Nixon’s illegal bombing in Cambodia also under that rug
and he, Nixon, is pardoned for the lesser crime of Watergate?

By phone today:
“Mr. Peters?”
“This is Irma at Dr. Azucar’s office. You had a negative stress test and
have to meet with Dr. Costoso, the cardiologist, next Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.”
“Okay. What does a negative stress test mean?”
(sound of papers being ruffled)
“It says here that you are in imminent danger of a heart attack.”
“If an attack is imminent should we wait until next week to see the cardiologist?”
“Yes. He’s out of town until then.”

Yes Dorothy, you can die from stupid.

How Can America Win An Illegal War?

America cannot and is not and will not win
but the hype goes on and on and on
from the top: “We have to win in Iraq
so the terrorists won’t see US as weak.”
and, “more US troops have to die so the ones already dead
will not have died in vain.” – sound familiar?

Army Lt. Ehren Watada refused to return to Iraq because
“As the order to take part in an illegal act is ultimately unlawful,
I must as an officer of honor and integrity refuse that order.”

Back in the good old days America could admit mistakes,
even changing the constitution to correct those mistakes,
now Bush would tell us some mistakes were made but
instead of correcting them we will “stay the course.”

The warhawks need Americans to believe
our all volunteer army chose to be where they are…
They did not choose a lying administration
and when polled a Large majority would leave
if they could but they do not have Watada courage
…kinda like America’s congressmen and women
have not the courage to condemn Bush & Cheney,
congress people who think to hold onto their seat
of power…this time the question is not
“Who will be the last soldier to die” while politicians dicker
the question is “How many Watadas need to step up
before Bush and Cheney step down?’
Answer: Not so many if Americans by the numbers
walked into their own state congress persons offices and demanded
“Stop this illegal war now!”

Palestine, Astronauts, Israel, 363 tons of cash

future news:
Jerusalem on Feb. 19, Israeli, Palestinian leaders to meet with Rice

today’s news:
“The (1) U.S., (2) Israel and (3) others believe Iran is trying to build atomic bombs,
despite Iran’s insistence that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.
Israel considers Iran a strategic threat.”

(2) “Israel” considers Iran a strategic threat.
(1) Only 25% of the “US” believe the same lies used for waring in Iraq(n)
(3) “others” remain anonymous

“The Federal Reserve sent over $4 billion in cash to Iraq in 2003 and 2004
Cash weighing 363 tons!”

past news:
secret government, graft, pork, corruption
bits of body parts flung on bystanders
whole families buried by their bomb blasted homes
Swaggarts swagger with pockets full of bloody gold
dissenters jailed or on no-fly lists

Dissenters of Israeli actions in Palestine are called anti-Semitic.
A kind of reverse racism as in “We are the chosen people ergo
we can do no wrong.”

yesterdays tabloid love triangle:
Lisa Nowak Bill Oefelein Colleen Shipman
while otherwise rs throw stones re
Bill O’Reilly et al “Don’t they do psychological screening
for astronauts, aren’t they are brightest and most fit?”

February 19th? Let us fall down on our knees and pray
US Rice, Israeli Olmert, Palestinian Abbas
will understand and work with the reality of
not all Americans, not all Israeli, not all Palestinians
agree with their “elected” leaders
but their majority of citizens are screaming for peace
“Evil must get tired sometime,”
flows Eliseuson’s poetic pen.

Hawks of War Go Surge Yourself

“Head On” shamelessly gives a headache
with their advertising.

Funeral directors assn. wants Rep.Rangel to regulate coffins
i.e. not to be sold on the internet.

Pine boxes and aspirins, where did they all go to?

When we chose life Leela
wants us to forget “our” story.

When we chose death i.e. Dr. Kevorkian
it’s not good for Medical dollars.

We terrorize 26 million people with shock and awe
to fight a war on terror.

“Judge not least ye be judged”
is only half a sentence and more
it is abusive as in
we all judge all the time…
Who we will play with who we will mate with
who we won’t let in our house to abuse it.
The other half of the sentence is:
“When we judge poorly expect blowback!”

Will all those central Floridians recently destroyed homes
be compensated by FEMA before N’Awlins poor folk?
Of course! Florida has 29 electoral votes while
lowly Louisiana only has 9.

Dear Leela Dear Eli immortality is more than a feeling
it is a doing while incarnate like a Beethoven
or simply courageously standing up to power
or unwavering compassion for the suffering.

How much does it cost to attend a class of enlightenment?
How much does it REALLY cost
to satisfy that Tiger in our tank?